Planning a Nordic tour?

You can’t possibly know every venue in every city, and booking agents are expensive if you’re on a small (or no) budget. So, we’ve collected and mapped almost 250 Nordic venues and festivals for you and your band.

Click here for 70 Polish venues and festivals courtesy of Good Beacuse Danish.

Click here for 153 Benelux venues and festivals.

Click here for 111 Austrian venues and festivals thanks to Jesper Bauer.

There’s even a link for easy directions on your cell or tablet if you get lost.

  1. -search by city, venue, address, zip code or country

  2. -click your way through it. It’s interactive (fancy, we know)

  3. -click ‘Festival’ or ‘Venue’ to view only one or the other

  4. -click the locator for more info

  5. -click the name of the venue or festival for their website (if we could find it)

  6. -festivals will show the month they are held (if we know)

  7. -you can click ‘Type’ to change the view to festivals by month (really fancy)

  8. -use it on your cell or tablet with this link and get directions from your current location

Is your favorite venue or festival not included, is something incorrect, did something close or move? Send us an email and we’ll fix the listing.

Have an awesome tour and post some pictures from the road on our facebook page - we’d love to hear from you.

Trine, Tina, Maria, Jonas, Carsten & Thomas